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Prevention is better than any cure

It has been a long while since Jess and I have done a blog post and it has been sitting on my heart to write this post in the hope that maybe just maybe I could help even one person from a diagnosis that could be prevented. If I could give my younger self some advice now from what I have learnt from a cancer diagnosis, it would be to look after myself and love myself a lot better. Nothing is more important than self care and that means, looking after that body, mind and spirit and making sure you are number one, so you can be the best you can be for all those important people in your life.

For the new followers on our page, our journey with Ma & Me started when Jess wanted to change her lifestyle habits after my cancer diagnosis, and after seeing how I healed myself by building my immune system up and putting lots of work and effort into self care and nurturing my body back to health, Jess started to experiment with recipes that would nourish the body. For me when healing, It wasn't easy, trust me, it was the hardest thing I have ever done. I knew nothing about the body and nothing about healing foods, but I made the time to learn it. I took eight or nine months off work and decided to research how I could heal my body when I decided to turn any more conventional treatments down. It is so important for each of us to take control of our own health and do the research ourselves, dont take my word for it !!!

I am not here to judge anyone for doing conventional treatments, as I started with that route myself and I believe in the biology of belief, what works for one may not for another and you have to believe in what you are doing, but for me personally, it didn't make sense to further harm my body with toxic chemicals which left me sick, exhausted and looking like someone from Auschwitz. I will never forget the night I was soaking in my bath and my then five year old youngest son, came innocently barging into the bathroom laughing and said "mummy you look like a skeleton"! I remember looking into the mirror as I stepped out of the bath, hair gone, skin and bone, feeling like crap and thought, yep he is right, I looked like a P.O.W. and I felt like it too.

The advice I would give anyone now, is to remind people that their is no magic bullet, there wasn't one thing that healed my body from a cancer diagnosis but rather, it was putting every effort in to build that immune system up so my body could heal itself. I learnt about different foods that could build my immune system , certain supplements that boosted the immune up and herbs etc. I had to take control of my own life and It took a lot of research and a lot of questions and lots of time. It takes a long time to heal a body that is depleted in just about everything. So for me patience was the key, making sure I dealt with stress and past hurts, I had to deal with saying no and I definitely wasn't use to that. I had to learn how to be consistent with my routine and had willpower to say no to foods that didn't heal me. Everything I put into my mouth was immune building and everything that went into my mind was immune building. I let go of everything negative, the news on TV and newspapers, was a big one and I learned to start putting everything positive into my mind for healing and I also got help from others in various fields to help me heal.

I had to learn how to move my body and keep my lymphatic system moving and I did that very slowly but consistently in the beginning as I was so weak and so sick.

I prayed for guidance and kept a strong faith, because for me, my thoughts were, that its always better to believe in something bigger than yourself and trust that their is always hope. I had to stand up and tell my well intentioned oncologists that I was no longer needing their treatments, its amazing when you truly believe in what you are doing and feel its right to the bottom of your core, that it becomes easier to say No and it was the first time I had actually had the courage to do so. I had an amazing support group around me that I carefully chose, who supported my choices and encouraged me when I was down and I will never forget them for it.

Jess is amazing and creative, so with her talents and patience she started experimenting with whole food desserts and made up her own recipes that were not only nourishing for the body but tasted amazing as well. We both studied integrative health and became certified health coaches and decided to take our knowledge together with the intention to share it with others who may need the help and that is where Ma & Me started, seven years ago.

So now nearly fifteen years after a cancer diagnosis I am still going strong and we are using Ma & Me to provide healthy desserts and health inspo to our followers and for me personally, I work in the hope that someone may heed my advice and start putting things in place to change the way they live and prevent disease or reverse it before the last call, a cancer diagnosis. Prevention is certainly the key!

I am grateful for every day since, and know that nothing is forever and there is no guarantees how long I will be here, but while I am still here I will make sure I live every day with gratitude and be thankful that I have lived another day feeling better than I ever have and knowing that each day is precious and god I am grateful for that.

In the meantime Jess and I would like to thank all our followers on Ma & Me and hope we can inspire you with some of our health inspiration and our healthy desserts.

And remember to smile, someone just might need it

Love Ma x


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