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  • Jessica Maybury

Happy Friendsgiving

I know, it may sound like a new concept especially to us Aussies but there is no better time to start a movement built upon kindness, love and appreciation For those we love so dearly.

In Australia we don’t celebrate thanks giving on the 25th of November but what you can do is celebrate our family and friends.

So what’s the idea behind “friendsgiving” you may ask?

Well it is actually quite simply! The day is all about celebrating your loved ones, friends and family and showing your appreciation for them.

-You might like to write all your loved ones a card and post or hand deliver it.

-complete a kind deed

-invite your loved ones over for a delicious meal, better yet have everyone bring a dish to share.

-Buy a small gift to show your appreciation for a work colleague

-go on a picnic together

-and just have general conversations around what everyone is grateful for.

By doing things that are so simple it allows us to appreciate the little things in life, while giving our mindset a little boost with good feeling hormones.

One small act of kindness can change someone’s entire day. love Ma and Me x

Happy Friendsgiving


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