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Miraculous memories

We have all had something in our lives we wished never happened or if given the opportunity would love to go back in time and change, but what I am learning in my own timely manner is that everything in our lives, whether good or not so good, are lessons which can help improve decisions or choices we make into the future or better still, may help someone else with a similar issue or problem.

Jess and I were invited to a book launch by a friend in our local town recently, we took our Ma and Me van and were asked to do a talk about our business and my own personal cancer story. Being busy, we didn't write anything down and said we will just wing it, but after the talk there were so many things that I wanted to say and didn't. One of the things I really wanted to talk about were the miraculous memories that I had even through a cancer diagnosis. So I thought, well why not, I can write and say it all on our blog :) and here I am lol.

The thing is, we can make a choice on how we respond to a situation and where it can lead us given the decisions that we make. Would I change a cancer diagnosis if given the opportunity you ask? Of course I would!!!! I wouldn't wish that sucker upon anyone, but there was a saying my mum would say when I was growing up and it was "Tock, (my childhood nick name) there will always be someone else worse off than you" and you know even as a young child, I didn't really get it or think that was fair but it did teach me empathy and value for others. How I now see it, is yes, there may be someone worse off than me or you but that doesn't make what you or I have gone through any less. Trauma is trauma and it all needs to be acknowledged in order to heal properly. Sometimes when we take the emphasis off ourselves and our own day to day dramas, we can see and do miracles for someone else, but first make sure your own tank is full.

I think about my own miraculous memories when I was sick, there were so many now when I look back. So many people that came into my life miraculously at that time, family, friends, neighbours and even strangers that would turn up just when I needed them the most. If you choose to look at situations in your life as blessings you have already learnt one very important secret to life, you have a choice in what you think, feel and how you behave. You have a choice every day what goes into your body to nourish it or make it sick. You also have a choice what goes into your mind and soul to nourish them. The biology of belief is amazing, if you believe in something enough and put effort into those thoughts, miracles can happen and they do. Make miraculous memories for someone just like all those amazing people did for me, be the change you want to see in the world and remember it takes work every day. Being grateful for small things is a big step into the right direction to see your own miracles.

Have a great day

Love Ma

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