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Love thyself first

This valentines day I want you to reflect on how you can do one good thing for yourself and then one good thing for someone you love. In order to love ourselves fully, we need to remember the golden rule that even I had to learn some time ago (even if it took cancer to teach me) It is okay to say NO sometimes and it is okay to look after yourself first.

I absolutely love to help people, I am sure that is my passion in life, I feel good about everything I do for others, as long as it feels right doing it and I am making sure I am looking after myself first, then it is okay.

Sometimes we can get into habits and I am certainly one who does that, but I have now learnt skills to help me take a step back and know when I am getting back into that old habit. Some of those skills I have now learnt are:

Start my day "right" from the beginning and leave yesterday where it should be, in the past or I get some help from someone to help me through those difficult situations, DON'T DWELL ON IT

Make sure I nourish my body, a nourished body helps to make a nourished mind

Nourish my mind, a nourished mind helps make a nourished body

Remember my spirit and light it on fire, no matter what that may be, mine is prayer, meditation and being out in nature, walking, watching my grand children play and listening to my children and grand children talk about their day.

I give myself an hour or a day during a week or whatever it takes to make sure I have time for myself, no excuses

I treat others how I would like to be treated, with respect and kindness.

I stop reading social media that may drain my energy and cause a negative impact on my feelings (especially the news)

I try to not give my good energy to people who may drain it


-make a nourishing meal

-read a book (self help books are great for empowering change in your life)

-sip on your favorite herbal tea

-sit outside in nature

-get your daily dose of vitamin D

-play with your children, spark conversations that ignite imagination (if you're a parent)

-meditation or yoga

-arts and crafts

-taking a bath

-setting boundaries with relationships

-taking a break from social media

-respect your time; Saying no when you really dont want to do something

-create, make or bake

-be grateful for every little thing, look around there is plenty to be grateful for

I hope everyone enjoys this day, with or without a partner and with or without chocolate

Happy Valentine's day

Love Carol & Jess

Ma & Me x


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