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Start your day right!

Not only should we start 2022 right, we should start every day like a new beginning and leave whatever worries or heaviness from the day before, behind!

What a burden if we have to take each and every mistake we made into a brand new beautiful day, what a fizz-er that would be, instead we can leave it all behind before each new day begins. If we make mistakes it is good to remember we are only human, as long as we can learn by those mistakes and work on improvements for ourselves and others, it is A OKAY and a little tip is to admit when you are wrong, to help improve your outcome and to work on it.

I am going to give you a few tips on how to not only start your new year right but to start each new day to be the best day of your life, it all starts with.........................YOU!!!

Quit over thinking, yep literally sit and breath, sit in a comfortable spot, in or outside, watch the birds fly, the trees sway or the ants march and just sit and breath, deep meaningful breaths. Put away all technology for a while and just sit! I sit with a herbal tea or a warm lemon water, on my verandah or in a spot outside that I love and just breathe, if you feel rushed for time, wake up half an hour earlier than usual and go to bed half an hour earlier the night before. Before you go to sleep set an intention, prayer, meditation or affirmation. Here are a few that I (Ma) change up all the time and use for myself to go to sleep on:

Prayer: "Father thank you for this day and please work to help me to be kind to myself and others, help me to learn from today and let my soul rest peacefully while I sleep, Amen"

Affirmation: “Everything that happened today was for my higher good.”

Intention: "Tomorrow I will wake up to have a great day and write my thoughts and ideas (good and bad) down in my diary"

Change it up and make your own, that is about being creative and there are no rights and wrongs here, we are all going through this life learning every single day.

Some of the Tools I (Me) like to use when overthinking becomes a problem are:

Writing it out: Its amazing the power of putting pen to paper. For me this really helps to get everything out from my mind and on to paper. BY doing this it creates space for higher thinking thoughts and the process is also very meditative.

I'm also a be believer on the power of breath just like Ma. I like to incorporate breathing practices into my morning routine with a little yoga and mediation.

Meditation: Try something different that will sooth your soul and help get your day started right, here is a link to a meditation from Jess. Find a comfortable spot where you wont be disturbed (lock the door!) and don't forget your head phones.(click on image below to listen to the meditation with Jess)

This blog post is dedicated to my mother Kay, who left this earth in April 2021 mum helped me pick a bunch of sunflowers along the road on a trip together to town, for my daughter Jess. Even in mums moments of suffering and pain she always thought of others before herself. My mother was the epiphany of strength and courage and I am proud to look back and see where I may get some of those attributes from. Mum always taught us to be grateful for small mercies and enjoy life, to be happy and to stay strong.

We love you Nanny...

May many blessings be upon you this gorgeous day,

Carol & Jess xx


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