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Phillip Day is coming to Dubbo!!!

MEET PHILLIP DAY - Kent, UK Phillip Day is an author, investigative journalist and international speaker. His work revolves around uncovering the most effective natural treatments available today and distributing that information to as many people as possible. Phillip believes in taking responsibility for ones own health and that "prevention is worth a ton of cure at a thousandth of the cost." You may like to browse Author & Health researcher Phillip Days amazing educational books on cancer and other terminal illnesses, his view on Pyschiatry and Modern medicine, and its flaws. His line up of Books include: 'Cancer, Why were dying to know the truth'. 'The ABCs of disease' 'The mind game' 'The truth about HIV' 'The essential guide to Water & Salt' 'Simple changes'....all awesome reading! DVDs: 'Healthy at 100' awesome! Supplier of 'Making a killing'documentary on psychiatry & drugs CDs: 'Healing in the home' 'Latest cancer breakthroughs'....awesome listening 

Ma and Me wholefood Cafe are please to announce that we will be hosting Phillip Days, Dubbo Tour with guest hosts, Dubbo Community Garden and Dubbo Health Foods. 

Saturday 11th November 2017, Dubbo RSL, 2-5pm

Tickets are $35 booked online or $40 at the door, depending on availability.

To purchase your ticket, head to ;


Jess and Carol,

Certified Holistic Health Coaches 

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