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Juicing for your Health

Fresh vegetable juicing would have to be the most beneficial and immune building thing any person can do to improve their overall health. I am so passionate about this because I have seen what it can do to a body that is weak and broken and in need of a good fix, if that is the right word for it. Before 2009 I knew nothing about vegetable juicing or much about health at all really until I got a wakeup call of my own that would make me stop and listen to what my body had been trying to tell me for some time, I WAS SICK! A diagnosis of cancer can certainly be that wakeup call, so with my trusty laptop and no knowledge what so ever I started on a journey of my life researching anything to do with immune health. I was lucky on my journey as I had a few tips from some experts in natural health guiding me to the right sites and wow what an eye opener that was, I remember when I made my first green vegetable juice, the colour and smell weren't much to be desired and I remembered when I was young my mum would say as she was chasing me around the back yard, a wedge of orange in one hand and a tablespoon full of castor oil in the other, screaming, Carol if it tasted good it wouldn't be medicine. Well I learned something from that comment, some juices were disgusting but after a while with my mother’s wisdom rolling around in my head I soon found amazing combinations that tasted so good I couldn’t wait to try them and yes food is medicine.

For anyone looking to start a juicy journey to health I can’t recommend highly enough, a book by Dr Norman Walker who was recognised throughout the world as one of the most authoritative students of life, health and nutrition. His book Fresh Vegetable and Fruit juices, is filled with expert advice on vegetables and fruits that you can juice to regain health for almost any disease. Dr Walker introduced me to the humble carrot, in the early days of my juicing that little humble carrot was my juicing friend and turned me orange on a number of occasions but it also turned my life around into the health promoting junkie I am today alongside my beautiful daughter Jess who has been on her own journey to health.

A question I am always asked in our workshops is “What juicer is the best?” My reply has to be the one you already have and will use, if you have the opportunity to buy a new juicer my next recommendation would be a cold pressed juicer as it keeps all the nutrition intact and the juice can be stored safely in the fridge for up to 48 hours

To start you off on your juicy journey to health here is one of my favourite juices with those cool winter days here in Dubbo it will warm you up and give you so much energy you won/t know what to do with yourself

Energiser juice

2 medium carrots

1 green apple

¼ of Lemon

1 inch of ginger

Carol presenting Ma & Me Juice and smoothie workshop

If you are interested in how to improve your health and wellness, Ma & Me run nutrition and educational workshops. If you are looking to improve some of the following;

- energy and vitality

- boosting your immune system

- gut health

- improving your sleep cycle

- overall wellness

Don't forget to sign up to our newsletter and facebook page to keep up to date on all of our workshops that we will be running.

"Because your life matters"

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