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  • Jessica & Carol Maybury

Sugar Hype

It all starts with that single white grain of sweet sensational sugar, the kick it gives you, the energy boost that beautiful sugar high but what are the after affects of consuming processed white sugar? Recent studies show that white processed sugar is more addictive than that hit of cocaine , so what is it really doing?

Ma & Me recently attended one of Damon Gameau's (the creator of That Sugar Film) Question and Answer evening. Unfortunately we didn't get a photo with Damon because we were a bit too hungry and excited about going out for dinner (we made a sugarless dinner choice too) that we decided the line just had to wait! It was a great and informative evening put on by Mike and Kathy Parish, owners of Dubbo Health Food in Darling Street.

Watch that sugar film trailor

If you haven't seen Damon's recent sugar documentary you can head to his webpage and watch it now.

To watch the film click the image!

Recent data released from the Australian Bureau of Statistics just proves that Australians are consuming more added sugar than ever before. The World Health Organisation recommends that only 5 percent of the total sugar intake of the day equates to no more than six teaspoons. Soft drinks, packaged food and confectionery contain hidden added sugars that have developed in the rise of this sugar crisis. Natural sugar from various whole foods is fundamental in fueling the muscles and brain. In today's society we are consuming too much refined white sugar which can have a detrimental effect on one's health. If you were to consume soft drinks, chocolate and ice cream your sugar intake could be high as twenty teaspoons of added sugar per day.


Soft drink consumption has increased dramatically over the past few decades with major soft drink corporations raking in billions of dollars in sales. Ads for different soft drink brands are commonly seen in magazines, on the tv and in the movies but what these beverage companies don't advertise is the damaging health implications of these sweet sugar drinks. It has shown to increase the risk of obesity which in turn increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer and other diseases.


A chocolate bar with 24 grams of sugar equates 6 teaspoons of sugar.